ShinyLoot Launches Their “Full Steam Ahead Sale”


Europa Universalis IV , Crusader Kings II , Supreme Commander Collection ,  and the Alan Wake Collection are all 75% off in the Full Steam Ahead sale on, you guessed it, Steam.


“We want to be more than just a store. There is much greater value we can add to the general gaming community than simply providing a large library of games. Opening up to the sale of Steam required games really opens those doors. In the next couple of weeks, customers will see the start of the long term implications of this decision when we release our first game exploration based tool,” said Chris Palmarozzi, co-founder of ShinyLoot.


As a starting point for ShinyLoot, this seems to be the first step in a long end-game campaign for the online store. Their eyes now set upon Indie game communities and setting a “level playing field” for them. it is good to see a company as young as Shinyloot taking notice of the worlds wide variety of indie games. As good as the community for these games is, it is always nice to get an amazing, positive boost from a widely loved game store. It is no Steam, but it is on its way.


It seems that we are not the only ones in favor of this company however, as many other News sites are posting great words about them:

  • “The site foregoes a traditional front page in favor of a powerful search tool that organizes games by over a hundred “traits” such as Tower Defense and Rogue-like.”
    – Brett Slabaugh, The Escapist
  • “Learn what it takes to run a site with over 375 games available, the successes and failures of doing so and much more.”
    – Adam Ames, True PC Gaming Interview
  • “The big difference between ShinyLoot and others is that they’re focused on minimal DRM and DRM-free indie games. In addition, there’s no client to download, and the download manager is DRM-free.”
    – Jason Clement, Game Podunk
  • “It promises “minimal” DRM, a fair distribution of finances and an innovative way to search for new, interesting games in specific niches.”
    – Peter Parrish, IncGamers Beta Interview