The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Official Trailer Released


About a week ago, the first screenshot of The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 was released. Today, courtesy of IGN, a trailer for the episode has been released. The trailer finally reveals who this mysterious “Carver” is that everyone’s afraid of, as well as shows that he knows and is looking for every person who is currently residing in the cabin. No specifics as to why he’s looking for them were revealed in the trailer but you can more or less bet that it will be revealed in the episode what exactly happened between him and the group. Want my take on who Carver might be? Read on below the video but, be forewarned; if you haven’t played Season 2 Episode 1, it might be a spoiler alert. If you don’t want anything spoiled, try to refrain from reading below the video.

This is an interview video from IGN with Scott Porter (voice actor for Luke in the game), and the trailer runs from 2:16-3:39.

SPOILER ALERT: Based on the context, my guess would be that he might be the other potential father of Rebecca’s child. I say this because he referred to her as a “pretty little pregnant lady” and simply referred to her husband as a “big black guy.” Seems a little rude as the description, but maybe Carver’s just a straight forward kind of guy. In any case, that’s just my theory on who he is. Do you have any speculations or do you share the same thoughts as me?