Has the Wii U Version of Watch Dogs Been Cancelled? – UPDATE


[Update 3:58] Kotaku has confirmed that their trusted source and GameStop have both confirmed that the entire incident was due to a glitch in GameStop’s system. The Wii U version of Watch Dogs is back up for pre-order at stores and is still on schedule for release.

Original story below:

According to a Kotaku source, GameStop stores are cancelling pre-orders for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs.

Whether or not this means the game has been cancelled entirely is currently unclear, but when asked by Kotaku a Ubisoft representative declined to comment.

It’s worth noting however, that the Wii U version is currently still available on the GameStop website, but Kotaku’s source claims that GameStop stores have been told by higher-ups to tell customers that have pre-ordered Watch Dogs on Nintendo’s console will have to either switch the platform they have pre-ordered the game on, or have it cancelled.

Watch Dogs’ announcement for Wii U was among the few third party announcements for the system for 2014, and losing another AAA title doesn’t bode well for the system.

Watch Dogs is expected to be released in Spring of this year.

(Source: Kotaku)