Infamous: Second Son Players Show Potential of PlayStation 4 Sharing


If you didn’t already know, Infamous: Second Son was released yesterday and already players are blowing up the #PS4Share hashtag on Twitter with the system’s built in sharing feature.

Using the Share button on the PlayStation 4’s controller, players are sharing screenshots from the game, showing off the game’s visual prowess, as well as showing others in-game easter eggs and references.

Some players choose to share moments in the game showcasing Second Son’s beautiful particle effects.


Some players found multiple references to developer Sucker Punch’s previous series, Sly Cooper and decided to share with others.


Even the SpawnStaff is getting in on the action.


Things like this show really how enticing the sharing capabilities of the new consoles can be. With these new features players can show off how they’re playing games and what they’re experiences are in the moment.

Things like this were only available to PC players or people who were willing to pay for expensive capture cards. It’s nice to see these features being put to good use.