Project Spark 5x XP and Credits; Team Dakota Teases Big E3 Announcement


Microsoft’s exclusive game in which you make games is approaching its one year anniversary. It’s available for PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One for free and already has some pretty cool levels to be downloaded and played. There are the requisite Mario homage levels and some that are bursting with creativity. Some are set to famous songs and others are merely interactive narratives, a medium through which to tell a story.

Now that they have built up a following, Team Dakota is calling for fans of the game to test the limits of Project Spark before the arrival of E3. They want as many players online at the same time as possible and are scheduling two huge community events to bring in players. It’s also a thank you to the one million players that have been testing the game so far, and they are offering 5x the experience and credits earned while playing. They are offering 10x to any Premium Accounts and a 100 percent rebate in credits on any in-game purchases made with tokens or credits.

They also teased some updates and huge announcements to come during the press conference at E3. Project Spark  is a great creativity tool and I personally can’t wait for more updates and additions to the title.

The first event takes place on May 30 and the second on May 31 and they both last from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. PDT. You can get more information here. Stay tuned to SpawnFirst for more details.

Source: Project Spark Newsletter