Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics: Dark Souls vs. Deep Down


In our Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics feature, we pit the best late-in-the-lifecycle game of our choosing from the previous gen, to as similar a title as we can find in the next gen line-up. We’re not restricted to one console line, as in this series PS3 vs. Xbox One, Xbox 360 vs. PS4, PS3 vs. PS4, and Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One graphics comparisons are all fair game. We post up decent in-game and some in-engine cinematic shots of both games, and we leave the decision all to you as to which game looks better.

In our fourth round of Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics, we have the PlayStation 3’s and Xbox 360’s amazingly deep and visually arresting action-rpg, Dark Souls, developed by From Software, the same visionaries who created the cult hit Demon’s Souls for the PlayStation 3. In the other corner, we have the much-anticipated free-to-play title Deep Down, being developed by SCE Japan Studio and Capcom Online Games. Deep Down definitely looks like the next-gen spiritual successor to Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls, and even Dragon’s Dogma.

Both titles carry the depressing-fantasy aesthetics with full effect, and even the gameplay aspects of both titles parallel each other with  uncanny accuracy. Check out the screenshots below and decide for yourself which title looks better than the other, or if they both impress you equally well.

Dark Souls

Deep Down

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