Crytek Hiring Experienced Programmers for Next-Gen Game


Crytek is still hard at work on their unannounced next-gen project and is looking for new recruits to help out along the way. In a new post on their website, the team reveals they’re looking for an experienced programmer to work with them on a 12 month contract, implying that we won’t be seeing a release date for this next title for a long while.

We have previous confirmation that Todd Papy – of God of War fame – is leading the project, making fans think that the studio’s newest game is an action title; presumably, a sequel to Crytek’s latest game, Ryse: Son of Rome. However, coding doesn’t have much to do with game genres, so it’s hard to discern what Crytek has up their sleeve from this job posting. This game could be anything; Crysis 4, Homefront 2, or even an entirely new IP. My money’s on a Ryse sequel, but a new Crysis  would make me squeal like a giddy school girl.

If you think you’ve got the goods to work at Crytek, and legally live in the UK, then head on over to their website and apply. Best of luck to any and all applicants!