Developer Studio Roll7 Reveals Next Project


2D side-scrollers have proven to be wildly popular in both the AAA market and as indie titles. Prime examples being Terraria (of which the developer, Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, is one of the most gracious you’ll ever come across, offering free content worth entire DLC packs), Starbound, Rayman Origins and Sonic Generations, among others. Developer studio Roll7 appears to be making use of a plethora of ideas for its own scrollers with the reveal of the new game called Not a Hero, a 2D shooter in the form of a scroller, which is sure to make people recall its recent side-scrolling skateboard game OlliOlli.


Not a Hero is to be an isometric cover-shooter and will be released on PC this summer. There are no confirmations of console availability, but Roll7 has expressed their desire to release it on as many platforms as possible.

The game will be available for a hands-on experience at tomorrow’s Rezzed in Birmingham, UK.