Minecraft 360: Over 7 Million Served


Minecraft has been growing in popularity ever since its initial launch and now the Xbox 360 port-over has shown some astonishing sales figures. The business developer of Mojang, Daniel Kaplan, posted on Twitter earlier that “Minecraft on Xbox has sold 7 million copies!!! CRAZY =D”.


It’s unsure if these figures have arisen from the amount of downloads on the Xbox Live Marketplace, purchases of the disc-based version or a combination of both. Regardless, it’s a massive achievement. The downloadable version sold 6 million copies at the end of March this year, while the disc-based retail version became the fastest-selling console game in the US, releasing just over a month ago.

The disc-based version has only hit stores in the UK, France and Spain as of today. With over 11 million copies sold on the original PC version as well, Minceraft in total has sold over 18 million copies. In other news, tickets for Minecon 2013 will be going on sale in July. The event, which runs from November 2nd to November 3rd, will be taking place in Orlando, Florida, with the venue yet to be announced.