Minecraft Saves Will Be Transferred from Xbox 360 to Xbox One


Fear not Minecraft warriors, for your illustrious castles and time-consuming towns will make it to the Xbox One. Phil Spencer, Xbox head, verified on Twitter that players’ Minecraft saves will be transferred from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. He followed up the announcement with “more news soon!” Perhaps a release date is in our very near future!

Xbox is not the only one with exciting news. PlayStation has stated before their intent to release Minecraft for the PS3 with possible upgrades to the PS4. The announcement was made April 16th, on PlayStation’s official blog.

Looks like both of these gaming giants will clash with a fan favorite. Suddenly, the Xbox One is becoming more appealing to this writer.

The release date for Minecraft on PS3 will be May 16th and continue to look out for the Xbox One version’s release date! I know I will.