PlayStation 4 Available At Walmart via Walk-Ins and Calls


Walmart isn’t putting their PS4 inventory on the floor for the reason that “they’re selling them to customers if they call for one or ask on the floor.” Why they aren’t out on the floor is unclear. However, one can simply walk in and purchase one. This can be done in one of two ways – you either call ahead and ask for one, or you walk into store and ask about their inventory. NeoGAF user shandy706 posted a picture of his/her receipt purchasing a PS4 at Walmart. If you’re looking to get a PS4 for the holidays, check your local Walmart – chances are they have them but they’re not visibly out there for some reason.

Still, if you can’t catch one during this this week, then definitely check them out this weekend, when Walmart is expected to receive their largest shipment of PlayStation 4’s to date!

(Source: NeoGAF, iGameResponsibly)