PS4 Live Streams Will Not Archive On Twitch Or Ustream… Yet



With the release of the PS4 last week, many gamers have eagerly hit the share button and decided to broadcast their gameplay for the world to see to share the festivities with friends and strangers alike. However, there’s one problem I’ve encountered using this feature that I thought was only affecting me. The streams aren’t archiving to my profile. I took the steps a day or two ago to allow for archiving on my channel via the settings on the Twitch website. I streamed two games last night – an hour of Resogun where I streamed my gameplay on Veteran mode from start to finish filled with fails and my triumphant win, and some “sea faring shenanigans” in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. I decided to go on my channel to see if I could share it with my friends who didn’t see it, but there was nothing there.


A little digging ensued and I seem to have found the reason why. As of now, the PS4 doesn’t allow users to archive their streams. There are a few lucky people who have reported that their streams are archiving but for the majority of PS4 owners, the streams aren’t archiving.

Can I archive my livestreams on Ustream or Twitch?

At this time, livestreams will not be archived for further viewing on Ustream or Twitch. However, this feature will be supported in the future. Please follow PlayStation.Blog and for news regarding PS4’s video services following launch.

Hopefully the wait won’t be too long. Considering the streams aren’t archiving, my pride in completing Resogun on Veteran difficulty was short lived. Have any of you successfully archived your Twitch or Ustream livestreams?

(Source: GameSkinny)