PS4’s Noise Level, Energy Consumption And More Revealed


Dualshockers has given a helpful highlight to an interview Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Senior Vice president, and Director of Business Unit 1, Masayasu Ito had with Japanese tech site AV Watch where he discussed the noise level, energy consumption, media performance and other things regarding the console. Here are a few highlights below:

  • The secondary chip for ultra-low power operation will mostly activate at night from 1 to 4 AM and download any required update automatically. It will also activate when software is purchased through external means like the PlayStation App.
  • The noise level of the console during operation is generally much lower than it was on the PS3.
  • Since the Blu-Ray player is 6x instead of 2x (like the one on the PS3 was), the spinning noise is actually louder. Ito-san feels it’s not annoyingly louder and it will be countered by caching data on the hard disk drive. It’ll be mostly audible during the initial spin-up.

It’s good that they improved things that were an issue on the PS3. However, one point of concern is the Blu-Ray player; the PS3 makes some fairly loud noises already when spinning the disc and him stating that it will be louder is a little off-putting. Let’s just hope that the sounds I’m thinking of aren’t the sounds he’s speaking about. For the full highlights of the interview, head over to the link above to read more.