Sony Removed Eye to Lower Price


At their E3 press conference, the announcement of the PlayStation 4 being $399 got a standing ovation. Now that Microsoft has gone back on most of their own policies, it seems as if the only major difference between the two consoles is the extra $100 price tag attached to the Xbox One. However, leading up to E3, Sony axed the PlayStation Eye to lower the price, giving them a clear advantage over Microsoft, whose Xbox One reveal didn’t go down well with most gamers.


The LED Move Tracker in the new DualShock controller for the PlayStation 4 will now be rendered useless on release date unless you have the PlayStation 4 Eye. Seeing as the console won’t be coming with it, I doubt many will be pay the extra fee for it at launch, or even in the years to come. Although it may be more expensive, all Xbox Ones will be coming with the Kinect 2.0, meaning that developers won’t be limited and can integrate Kinect into games if they wish. It will no longer be a risk like with the Xbox 360 as all Xbox One owners will have Kinect out of the box.


The opposite will happen to the PlayStation 4. The eye will now be a risk for developers as barely any of the PlayStation 4 owners will cough up the cash for the camera which will be a $59.99 add-on. This will eventually restrict game developers, so now it seems as if Microsoft have the upper hand. Although they may have plans for the future regarding the PlayStation 4 Eye, at launch it will be useless. From the 40+ demos shown at E3 by Sony, none were integrated with the Eye. Although, not many gamers have expressed their concern as they just want a console that’s relatively cheap, has good policies and of course, great games.

Many gamers have shown their love for the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One, whether it’s because of the price or the used game policies. Sony’s plan is working now, but how long will it work in the long run?