Telltale Announces Game of Thrones Project


Telltale, the fantastic minds who brought us The Walking Dead episodes and The Wolf Among Us episodes too (see our review of the first episode here), has officially confirmed that they are working on a project based on the hit television series and books franchise, Game of Thrones.

The episodic series is aimed to release sometime in 2014. The series is said to be done in a similar way to “other Telltale games”, however there will be “big battles”, which will be done in a Telltale fashion.

However, most Telltale fans concentration will be on the upcoming series of The Walking Dead: Season Two, which will continue the story of Clemintine, who was a vital character in the first season. Telltale fans also have more episodes of The Wolf Among Us to look forward to, as so far only one has been released.

I’m sure this news of a Game of Thrones game series will be met with much anticipation, but sadly we may be waiting a long time until we can finally get our hands on it.

(Source: IGN)