Trophies Are Transferable To PS4




For all you trophy hunters out there, it is time to rejoice. We have official confirmation that trophies transfer between PS3, PS Vita, and PS4. For all the hard work that trophy hunters and platinum lovers have put into all their games, it is tremendous news that our trophies come with us on the jump to next gen. Platinum trophies give such an accomplished feeling when acquired. It would have been a shame if all of the hard work collecting all the trophies went down the drain.


Now for the people who have a trophy level of 30 or higher, the time has come again to collect trophies and surpass another 30 levels. The time to achieve an even higher trophy level is upon us again. I for one can’t wait to see the levels increase to astonishing numbers. A second chance to trophy hunt for platinums and another chance to get the most out of all your games. Except this time, with even more extraordinary graphics.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)