New Xbox One Bundles Moving into Stores


We all know about Xbox’s new bundles: one that comes with Kinect Sports Rivals and one that comes without a Kinect (and, more appealingly, a substantial price drop). But for those of you who have been looking forward to either of these will be happy to know that they are soon on their way. A leaked photo shows them already being stocked in major retailers.

Kinect Rivals and Kinect-less bundles

Kinect Rivals and Kinect-less bundles

Whether or not the loss of the Kinect will help or hurt Xbox remains to be seen. The lower price tag will surely make it more appealing to those who are on the fence about purchasing the system, but the loss of such an integral piece of hardware makes one question what the difference between the Xbox One and the PS4 is. If the Kinect-less Xbox is successful, it could possibly mean then end of the motion gaming craze. Between Xbox dropping Kinect, the shortage of games making great use of the the hardware, and the fact the Rare (Microsfots number one developer of Kinect games) recently laid off a large number of their staff, the future of motion gaming seems bleak.

Either way, Microsoft’s new bundles are sure to bring in much needed customers. They both drop on June 9th.