Kick it to the Goal: SKARA The Blade Remains


Skara: The Blade Remains is a Multiplayer Online Versus (MOV) game designed in Unreal Engine 4. And it looks beautiful.

With five different races on release, Skara  factions allow you and your friends from similar races to band up and dominate the world. As your faction begins to move ahead or behind, the map will reflect it. Skara’s writer, Jackson Adams, will keep notes on what’s happening in the world and be sure to write it into the history of Skara.

There are five planned races; Khärn, Shinse, Durno, Tamvaasa, and Celea. Each race has a unique set of weapons and fighting style, which, along with armor, can all be customized.

As well as the five races, Skara  developers are working on five arenas and a Colosseum. Each arena features a unique setting that will effect how combat unfolds, while the Colosseum will allow for one versus one (1v1) fights and tournaments.

All of the extra money in Skara‘s Kickstarter will go towards creating new races and arenas (Up to seven races and 11 arenas), in game features such as crafting and trading, scenario editors, and a story mode for each race of Skara. Although these features will be added to the game regardless, hitting the stretch goals will allow for more employees and faster development.


Skara  is a completely skill-based game. With a free-to-play mentality, the developers have reassured that, “No matter how deep pocketed you are, you can’t pay to win in Skara.

The only in-game purchases (or microtransactions) will be cosmetics. Armor, character skins, or different fatalities will allow for the players to customize their characters even further while providing the fullest experience to all… for free.

Skara  will feature quick game modes, as well as matches that last hours on end. Free-for-all, Team Deatchmatch, Siege, Kill the King, Dominion, and Capture the Flag are all modes featured in Skara.

Although Skara  will always remain a free-to-play game, kickstarting it for as little as $10 will get you into the September Beta, and $15 will get you into the Alpha in July.

Skara  will only get better with the more people that participate in the Alpha and Beta.

You can find the Kickstarter here.