Versus Mode Episode 10 – Columbia vs Rapture (ft. Geron Roper)


In the Sky or Under the Sea? Nah. I’m Good

Versus ModeOn this episode of Versus Mode, wizards of gaming, Brian and Chris, are joined by special guest and fellow SpawnFirst staff writer Geron Roper. The trio get into a very deep and serious debate about the ideals of Rapture vs Columbia, they bicker over what makes them feel like a rockstar, and which gun in Perfect Dark all but guarantees a victory. Along the way, they crack jokes, make poor analogies, and just be all around awkward. In other words, a typical episode of the show. So sit back, get drunk, and enjoy!

Just what is Versus Mode? Well, the dynamic duo will come up with their individual picks in agreed upon categories, and announce them at the same time. If they agree, they will explain why they picked each of their choices. If they disagree, they will work their hardest to convince the other that their pick is correct. Short of battling with swords (maybe we can fit that into later episodes who knows), they’ll claw and grab at each other until one reigns supreme. Regardless, the end result will always be hilarious. Without further ado, enjoy the latest episode of Versus Mode!

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