Your Average Joe On Twitter Tells Us What’s Up With PS4


Twitter user cjcool804, who is followed by famousmortimer, has gotten his PS4 early and has been live tweeting for the good people of the internet just exactly what’s up with the PS4. He’s letting us know the good and the bad, no sugar coating anything. He lets us know that Resogun is more graphically beautiful than even Killzone: Shadow Fall, but that’s just his opinion. More updates including how Music Unlimited works with the games, the fluidity of the UI on the console, store interface, the day one free-to-play games, and a whole lot more. Click on the link above to see all the updates on the console, and view a few key tweets below.






Quite a lot of tweets. There are tons more on his Twitter so head there and get a bit more info for your own viewing pleasure. Tweet him a question! He’ll answer you!