Indie Studio Teaches Young Girls How to Make Games


An indie studio in San Jose, CA, known as LearnDistrict, is providing the tools necessary to learn how to make video games. Their program, “Girls Make Games”, teaches middle school and high school aged girls how to make their very own video games. To this writer, the idea is definitely worth a mention.

A CNN report listed “game designing” as one of the most rapidly growing jobs for the near future. Teaching kids to grasp onto the concept of gaming and game development is awesome, especially since the revenue of the industry will only continue to climb in future years. It’s climbing because we, yes, even you dear reader, love video games.

Currently, the industry is dominated by men, with women representing only 12% of the population in the gaming industry. Which is strange, considering about half, 47%, of gamers are female. Programs like “Girls Make Games” will help to further women’s involvement in video game development.

Double Fine Studios has also latched onto the “Girls Make Games” program and will be aiding CEO and Founder, Laila Shabir, in launching the program in San Francisco and the South Bay Area of California. So, if you are out that way and your daughter, sister, niece, friend, even you, want to participate click the links provided or follow Leila on Twitter.

Also, don’t forget that Gender Jam is currently underway during the month of April. Head on over there or check out Deviever on Twitter!