Sony Already Looking Forward to PlayStation 5


Sony’s PS4 just released in November, with specs that put it at the top of the console dog pile as far as power is concerned. This system was only revealed to the world in 2013, but Sony is already looking to the future, preparing to plan for the PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation Division’s Software Product Development Head, Scott Rohde, told MTV that Sony “tends to start thinking about the development of the next system only a few years into the life cycle of the current gen.” He goes on to say that it’s the culture of Sony to do something “bigger and better than what’s already been done.”

The team plans to take a few years break before starting on the next platform, using the time to refine the current hardware. Mark Cerny, Lead System Architect, mentioned that the PS4 began development in 2008, 2 years after the launch of PS3. Time was spent “figuring out what they wanted to make the PlayStation 4,” experimenting with new tech that was rising during the period.

Apparently, development of the console was a poorly kept secret internally, being disguised as a “questionnaire as to what they thought the future of video game consoles would be like.”

It’s not unusual for companies to begin development on the future as soon as a new platform launches. Whether the console market is truly “doomed” or not will be revealed in the coming years as the industry evolves with streaming services, new ways to play, and the rise of digital media.

Source: MSN Arabia