Microsoft Owns and


In quite the admittedly perplexing move, Microsoft owns the domain names and Now I know we all like to dream about a utopian future where Microsoft and Sony live out their lives holding hands, caring for each and every indulgent need of tomorrow’s gamers, but this is ridiculous.

Oh but wait! Maybe this move foreshadows a bleak and dystopian future, where MS and Sony control the world through shoddily assembled robots which swoon us into capitulation with Troy Baker’s beautifully mesmerizing voice. Who knows. What I do know is that Nintendo is nowhere to be found, and Reggie is probably living out the rest of his days as a sex slave, tied to Kaz and Ballmer’s bedpost.

Or maybe MS just thought of the domain names, and one drunken night, decided to purchase it during the $5.99 Double Domain Deal, while furiously entering in their credit card info amidst a flurry of Dorito dust and Mountain Dew stains. We’ll never know.



(Source:, DomainTools)