Microsoft Reintroducing Xbox One


A rumour is spreading through the internet that Microsoft will “reintroduce” the Xbox One. It may not have had the best start to a campaign, and after the policies fiasco, the live press event would give a fresh start to the Xbox One. According to rumours, Microsoft will address consumers concerns about the Xbox One, in an attempt to gain positive momentum heading into the November launch of the console.

An inside source suggests that after their E3 conference, Microsoft had an “internal review” of every aspect of the Xbox One and compared it to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The result was the reversal of the 24 hour check-in and disc-DMR policy, as both policies were getting flak online and by the press. Other criticisms were also examined to see what, if anything could be improved. Many changes have been made since then, and Microsoft obviously intend on clearing the air. However, some think with these changes that the Xbox One is incredibly similar to the PlayStation 4. They look the same, the policies are the same, but which will come out on top?

If rumours are to go by, Microsoft may drop the price of the Xbox One in an attempt to entice consumers. Rumours also suggest the dropped price will be set at $399/€399, which is the same price as the PlayStation 4. Although this seems incredibly unlikely, I doubt many would be upset if it happened.

Later this week, Microsoft are supposedly going to make their plans public at Gamescom. Will this happen? Let’s hope so.