Nintendo 3DS 33 Percent Off eShop Games And Mega Man Available


Nintendo is offering some great deals along with some games coming to the Nintendo eShop on June 1. To celebrate Pushmo World  coming to the Wii U soon they are offering 33 percent off Pushmo  and Crashmo  on the eShop through June 13.

Other games are new on the eShop like Kirby Triple Deluxe  (Nintendo has no shortage of 3D puns), Mario Golf World Tour, and six classic Mega Man games.

They are also bringing in classic JRPG Grisnia  along with The Denpa Men 3.

I think the 3DS is finally picking up steam and the more Nintendo brings into the eShop the better it’ll be. It took a while for the 3DS to get its legs, but it’s probably the most viable handheld on the market right now. Do you think the 3DS is keeping up with the Vita? Are Nintendo’s deals enough to pique your interest?

Source: Nintendo Life