PS4 Allows Users To Use Real Names At Launch


While it’s not exactly unheard of news that the PS4 will allow us to use our real names and pictures on the console, it is news that confirmation was given that the feature will be available at launch. Players aren’t obligated to use the feature; if you want to retain your PSN name you can do so. The major one up that this gives to Sony is that they will be the first to implement the feature on next-gen consoles. While Microsoft has stated that they too want to allow players to use their real names on the console, they have stated that the feature will not be available at launch.

The choice of using your real name or your PSN ID is completely in your hands. I’m sure there’s a way to only allow specific people to see your real name and picture. It can’t be a “you choose your fate” type of scenario, can it? We’ll see when the PS4 releases in a mere 23 days (November 15). So close, yet so far.

(source: Kotaku)