Sony is Sending Out PlayStation Now Beta Invites


According to IGN, PlayStation Now beta invitations are now being sent out to people who signed up for it earlier this month.

The invitation allows users to receive “exclusive access to test PlayStation’s game streaming service before its full launch and the opportunity to provide your regular feedback to the PlayStation Now team.”

The e-mail also makes note that Sony recommends a wired internet connection and an internet connection speed of at least 5 mbps.

Accepting the beta invitation is followed by a message telling users they will receive a beta voucher and instructions “in the coming days.”

It’s worth noting that the e-mail does appear to specify that the beta will take place on PlayStation 3 consoles, while the streaming service has been announced to launch on all active PlayStation platforms as well as Sony branded TVs, tablets, and phones.

PlayStation Now is expected to launch this summer.

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(Source: IGN)