Wii Mini comes to the US


Nintendo has confirmed the rumored US release of the Wii Mini, the budget version of the original Wii console.

At $99.99, the system is housed in matte red and black plastic, eschews a slot loading disc drive for a top loader, and comes paired with a red Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controller. The box also includes a copy of the fan-favorite Mario Kart Wii.

The cost reduction took some features with it; there’s no access to the internet, so downloadable games are out of the picture, as well as 480i only video output and a lack of an SD card slot to expand memory. As expected, Gamecube compatibility does not return with this version of the console.

Originally released exclusively in Canada, the system was met with a lukewarm reception with many (understandably) questioning the purpose of it. It’s most attractive application, as a virtual console box, is hampered by the fact that it doesn’t support VC games.

The system releases on November 17th, right on the cusp of the next generation. much like the 2DS, this one’s for the kids and the budget gamer.