Xbox One Digital Games And DLC Are Region Locked


Some players have been stating that their purchased digital games are no longer are available for play on their console. The games (Forza 5, and Dead Rising 3 most notably) were purchased digitally and worked fine for a few weeks to a month and then suddenly stopped working. When trying to play the game, players get error code “0x87de07d1” and they are prompted to purchase the game/license again – the thumbnail no longer says “Play” but displays the price tag for the game.

One user in the UK called customer support and found out that digital games and DLC are region locked whereas the physical game discs aren’t. During the call, he was transferred to the “Advocacy” team and was told that when purchasing digital content on the Xbox One, two things need to match up – the country listed on the account along with the country that the digital content is being redeemed from (i.e. purchasing Dead Rising 3 with a PAL token must be redeemed on a PAL console) to avoid such problems. The problem with this is that the code can be redeemed without this “match up” but then it will suddenly stop working after a while if it doesn’t match.

There was no announcement about the digital content having a region lock, however, so this comes as something of a surprise. Some people were able to call customer support and get a new game code considering they did pay for the game, but there just so happened to be an unfortunate circumstance that suddenly denied them access to their game. Moral of the story – be wary of purchasing digital games on eBay or such sites and double check that the game you’re about to purchase is from your country to avoid the region lock debacle as well as avoid losing your hard earned cash.

(Source: NeoGAF, Xbox Support Forums)