Xbox One Unboxing Video: Headset Included


Microsoft has revealed new details concerning the Xbox One and its accessories. The most important news is that the Xbox One Headset WILL come with all Xbox One consoles. Previously, Microsoft announced that the headset will have to be bought separately.

There has also been an unboxing video of the Xbox One Day One Edition (see above). Lisa Gurry, an Xbox Wire editor, said that the Xbox One’s chat will offer three times the sampling rate of the Xbox 360. The microphone can be worn on either ear, as the microphone can rotate 180 degrees. The headset will only weight an astonishing 44 grams. The HDMI cable which will be included with the Xbox One is a Category 2 HDMI cable. This HDMI cable will allow players to play in 1080p, 3D and 4K.

Below are three videos showcasing the Xbox One’s controller and the Chat Headset, which will come with the Xbox One. The Play & Charge kit was also shown, but it will have to bought separately.

Xbox One Controller:

Xbox One Chat Headset:

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit