Xbox One To Be Sold Without Kinect


We all called it and the news is finally here! Starting June 9th you will be able to purchase an Xbox One without the kinect included. It will have an MSRP the same of the PS4 (obviously) at $399.

Larry Hyrb a.k.a Major Nelson sent out this tweet with the news, also with a a link to his blog:

Seeing the PS4 conquer much success not only with its games but also its fans, Microsoft and Xbox had to come out swinging to compete against Sony. This begs the question of seeing more bundles with various games such as Titanfall, Fifa, or Forza. Bundling various games have proven an effective strategy for the Wii U, will Microsoft follow in their success?

You might be asking, “Doesn’t it seem a little odd that they are releasing this on June 9th and at the beginning of E3?” No, not at all. That was obviously on purpose and it will certainly move more units, but will it be enough to compete against the PlayStation 4? We wil see.

For more information visit Major Nelsons blog here and watch the video they released below:

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