RUMOR: Could This Be Footage from From Software’s Next Game?


A rumor floating around the internet is that From Software is working on a new game. Codenamed “Project Beast”, it’s supposedly a PlayStation 4 exclusive, which could mean a follow-up to Demon’s Souls.

Well, now ostensible Project Beast footage has surfaced on NeoGAF. It shows a character in tattered armor traversing a desolate landscape while fighting off enemies before entering a foggy gate and emerging to find a large creature. All of that will sound familiar to anyone who has ever played a Souls game for even a short amount of time.

The strangest thing about the footage is that the protagonist is wielding a shotgun in it. If this is another Souls game, get ready for guns to make their first appearance in the series.

Check out the footage below. It’s very brief.


Source: Game Informer