More Games Released on Steam This Year Than All of 2013


Steam has seen a huge amount of success and growth in the past couple of years and now that the steam box is coming we will see more games developed to work with the new and stunning hardware.

Steam Greenlight sees hundreds of games get approved and despite them getting ready to close the Greenlight program the games continue to flow making their library really balloon this year. The alternative will allow virtually anyone to set up shop and make a game for the steam nation only causing the amount of games on Steam to increase higher in the coming months and years.


Greenlight is not the only reason we have seen this peak however, as we see a largely increased amount of PC support and titles from other big named developers. That begs the question of what do you think Valve will do about this? Increasing the amount of games on the Steam library will make it that much more difficult for smaller indie developers to get noticed.

Do you think Valve has an indie game infestation? Are they overwhelmed? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. For more news stay tuned here at SpawnFirst.

Source: Gamebreaker