KillStorm Kickstarter Campaign for PC, Mac, and Mobile


On March 28th 2014, Former developers from Criterion and Sony, Richard Bunn and David Green, announced a version of their new military combat game KillStorm to PC, Mac, and mobile devices, pending good results from their Kickstarter campaign.

In the game you pilot an attack helicopter, and massacre your enemies at the click of a mouse, or gesture of a hand. It’s an offset top down game with a retro arcade feel. It’s being developed by British developers Nice Touch Games, which was started in 2011 by AAA vets, and the Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days from the 28th or March, which means there are 29 days left. Rewards for donations are a free download of the game, early beta, and exclusive extra content.


For instance, If you pledge around $1000, you can have your name in the credits, as well as several additional bonuses such as General status immediately, and your name as co-pilot in game.

Here are a few screenshots of the action:

killstorm2 killstorm3 killstorm4killstorm5