Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Is Here!


That’s right Batman fans, the Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer is here! It’s been released by Warner Brothers and it’s EPIC. The trailer looks gorgeous and the game will clearly be defining the limits of next gen tech. The bat-mobile is driveable for the first time in the series and looks insanely cool. The tone also seems to be a little darker as Batman seems to have been overpowered by a shadowy new villain. Take a look below!

This trailer shows that next gen consoles have something huge to offer in terms of graphic improvements and expanded gameplay potential.I loved the Arkham series (who didn’t?) and i am very excited for this title to come out, and this trailer did not disappoint. Arkham is set to release later in 2014 and if you pre-order now you’ll get to play as Harley Quinn! Who doesn’t want to do that? If you want some more info about the game check out our reveal piece here. And stayed tuned for all the latest info!