The PS4 Design Was Created With All Angles In Mind


With the release of the PlayStation 4 inching ever closer (just a little over a month away, if you haven’t noticed), Tetsu Sumii, the man responsible for the physical appearance of the PS4, has spoken with the PlayStation Blog to discuss the process of how the PS4’s design came to be.

When we started the product design for PS4, we didn’t start by thinking about what the shape would be. It was more about how we were going to create a new brand identity through the product. 

I think the PlayStation brand image needs to be changed a little bit, as it’s a new console, and we have to show what we’re pointing towards for the future. So I thought it should be one of the most smart, cool, and intelligent products from Sony. Not just from Sony Computer Entertainment, but the company as a whole.

This should be one of the best, coolest, most sophisticated products we’ve created. That’s what we were striving for.

The ideas in mind for the design were mostly to make a console that looked less extravagant in players’ living rooms. It was more so about making something that blended in well; something that looked “simple.” With the release of PS4, the strive for a new image was made possible in the console’s outward design.

dualshockAvid PlayStation fans can see that the physical appearance of the console is reminiscent of the PS2; that’s more or less what they were going for. They wanted to reimagine the PlayStation brand while keeping it familiar enough that fans feel like they’re still right at home with their console of choice.

We’ll all get the chance to see how well the console and controller looks and feels when it releases on November 15.