YouTube Rumored to be Purchasing Twitch for $1 Billion


Google/YouTube are gearing up to make a purchase of an internet lifetime. The video game streaming site, Twitch, is rumored to be sold to YouTube for $1 billion. This purchase will be the most significant buy yet for YouTube.

None of the companies have made an official statement on the purchase, the rumor of the deal was made public by news site Variety. The site states that the information came from “sources familiar with the pact.”

Though this might be a smart buy for YouTube, it might not be an easy acquisition. Variety states that Google/YouTube is preparing for the U.S. Justice Department to put up a fight. YouTube is already the highest ranking video streaming site, so it’s acquisition of Twitch might raise the issue of anticompetitiveness. We’ll just have to wait and see if the deal goes through.

Twitch was started by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear in June of 2011 as a video game only streaming site. The site grew in popularity exponentially when the experimental “Twitch Plays Pokemon” first launched. According to GameSpot Twitch ranked 4th highest website in U.S. web traffic.

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