PS4 Has Outsold Wii U in North America and Europe


It’s pretty well-known that the Wii U has not been a success story for Nintendo. It’s been available for purchase since late 2012 (late 2013 for Brazil) and has barely managed to sell over five million units worldwide.

Sony announced over one million preorders had been placed on the PlayStation 4, and it sold over one million units upon its release. It has gone on to sell almost five million units in less than four months.

In those months, it has finally outsold the Wii U in North America and Europe. In North America, 2.46 million PS4s have shipped as opposed to 2.43 million Wii Us. In Europe, 1.91 million PS4s have shipped as opposed to 1.19 million Wii Us.

This is not good news for Nintendo. The Wii U has been out for almost one and a half years and has already been outsold in just about every market by the PS4, a console that hasn’t even been available for purchase for half a year yet.

The 3DS continues to do well, having sold over 42 million units worldwide. Despite what anyone thinks about Nintendo, that’s a pretty impressive number. However, as far as the Wii U goes, Nintendo may have to simply throw in the towel this go-around.

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