Bungie’s Weekly Update Shows Excitement for Destiny, Answers Questions


Everyone has had trouble describing exactly what sort of game that Destiny actually is, but Bungie seems to have found the best way in their weekly update. They simply show people.

Much of their weekly update was dedicated to explaining just how much fun people, even professionals have had while playing Destiny. But the post wasn’t all just back-patting. Bungie also answered a handful of questions from the public.

The company stated that many of the latter, off-screen features from the Halo series such as heat-maps and stat tracking were being explored for their newest title. They also guaranteed that their Bungie Mobile app would be useful for Destiny players. Just how, though, we are still unsure.

Also talked about were the “aspirational goals” of the game. Basically to “become a legend”. As Bungie describes in the update, it seems to be more in terms of in game gear that players would obtain as they level up and complete certain in-game activities.

A micro-transaction scheme has not yet been revealed, and it is unclear if there will even be one with Bungie’s latest shooter, Destiny, which is due out on the PS3, PS4, XBox 360 and Xbox One on Sept. 9, 2014.

For the entire weekly update, be sure to visit the Bungie Blog.