Call of Duty Ghosts: Offline Play Not Possible on Xbox One?


Keeping with the Call of Duty Ghosts article and news today, seems like we’ve come across another breaking story. In the following pictures taken from NeoGaf, the back of the box on the PS4 version declares that Offline Play is enabled, meaning that you will be able to play the game without having an internet connection. The fact that this declaration is on there means that there must be some versions of this game (or others) that actually do require an internet connection to play the game at all.


“Offline Play Enabed”

Now check the Xbox One version below. It doesn’t mention anything about this function being present (or a lack thereof):


No information about offline or online play listed.

Pretty disturbing to say the least. We’ll keep our eyes open for new developments, especially since we thought that the DRM and always-online days were behind us. Stay tuned, since we’re sure that MS and/or Activision will be responding to this controversial discovery.

Source: Neogaf , Neogaf’s Source: PR