New Destiny screenshots emerge


Well gamers and gentlemen, it’s that time of the month. It’s that time when that game we all so desperately want to play, Destiny, has some beautiful new screenshots for us to dribble over. Just about every gaming outlet that exists today has touted Destiny as the next blockbuster for not only first-person shooters, but MMOs too. Whether that holds true remains to be seen, but as we patiently wait for the release in September this year, screenshots are the next best thing. So, without further ado, let’s have a little look shall we?

These two screenshots show Destiny, but looking a little… grey. It shows off what is called “ambient occlusion”. Far be it for me to confuse our amazing audience… So let’s just say: it’s to do with light and shade. It is apart of Nvidia’s “OptiX” Software Development Kit. Back in October last year, Nvidia announced at a conference that Bungie would be one of many developers using their “OptiX” SDK to give more realistic shading and lighting to any future titles. More realism? That can only ever be a good thing Nvidia and Bungie. We salute you both.

This next picture is showing a new bike in the game, called the Shrike. The Shrike is designed to be accessible in a moments notice, and to get from where you are, to where you want to be, in the quickest time possible. It carries with it no weapons, but it is upgradeable, with hints being made toward colour schemes being customisable. Awesome Bungie is awesome.

And there you have it folks! Three amazing screenshots. Now it’s time to wipe off the slobber and sound off in the comments below what you want to see in Bungie’s next superstar franchise!