PlayStation Turkey VP Says The Last of Us Will Be Coming to PS4, Includes Left Behind DLC


While being interviewed on a local TV program on CNN Turk, Sercan Sulun, the Vice President of Playstation Turkey, stated that we won’t be seeing a sequel to The Last of Us anytime soon; however, the game, along with its story add-on Left Behind, will be coming to PS4 this summer with enhanced graphics.

You can see the original interview here. The interview is done entirely in Turkish with no English subtitles, but those still interested can find his statement around the 36 minute mark.

David Scammell of VideoGamer reached out to Sony for confirmation, though they chose to keep quiet on the matter. Still, they didn’t deny it, so there’s still a chance this is happening.  Considering how well The Last of Us sold on PS3, it’s unsurprising Sony has an interest in bringing a definitive version to their newest console.


With the internet in a frenzy over this announcement, Sony is sure to make a statement sometime soon. Keep your eyes on SpawnFirst as this story develops.