Xbox One “Will Get It Right”


Xbox One “Will Get It Right”

Most of the audience watching the Xbox Reveal saw the Xbox One as an entertainment system rather than a gaming console. However, Microsoft has stated games are still important to the console by investing $1 billion towards Xbox One games. Microsoft’s Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business, Aaron Greenberg, made it clear on Twitter that the company hasn’t forgotten about the games by tweeting “E3 is all about the games”, and that “we will get it right”.



Let’s hope he’s right, as no proper gameplay was seen at the Xbox One Reveal. Sony nearly did the complete opposite with the PlayStation 4, showing a lot of gameplay but not showcasing the actual system itself.  As of late, that marketing strategy has given them the edge over Microsoft.

One concern on the gaming side is indie titles; Sony recently started to openly support independently made games, whereas the Xbox Live Arcade has received flack for putting frustrating limitations on developers.  Lately, though, Microsoft has said that that indie game development is important to them and ,with the Xbox One, they will be giving developers an “independent creator program”.

Sadly, independent teams won’t be able to publish their games, but Microsoft insists it’s because they’re “going to sponsor it”. Once again Microsoft has sent mixed messages, saying Indie games are important to them yet not giving indie game creators the ability to publish their own games. Hopefully, we will soon understand how big a part indie games will have on the Xbox One.

An Xbox One exclusive launch title, Quantum Break, has also been minutely detailed; the unveiling of the box art was posted on the game’s official Facebook page. A trailer was shown at the Xbox One reveal, although it showed no gameplay (no surprise there). A television series will be based on the title and Remedy Entertainment (the minds behind Max Payne and Alan Wake) said that “how you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game”.

Expect more on both the Xbox One, Quantum Break, and a plethora of other next-gen titles come E3.